Givalin's Journal - Session 9

22 Rova 4707 (continued)


Meeting with Hemlock Hemlock informs us that he we have a few leads that we can start with that he has identified. Ibor Thorn, a worker at the mill, was the one who found the victims. Ven Vinder, the owner and operator of the mill. A week ago, a group of identified con men were murdered and their bodyguard wandered into town, clearly insane and now housed at the sanatorium.

Sanatorium Pelias and Keerin investigate the bodyguard, Graced Sithilia. He stumbled into town a week ago and attacked the guards. The guards track him back to his camp and discover the men he was guarding, a group of conmen : Tarch Mortwell, Gedwin Habe, Lenor Hask; were murdered brutally. Slashed and gnawed upon. A sihedron was carved on their chests. In checking the remains, the guards found a note: “Meet at the barn for a very profitable opportunity. Your Lordship” the handwriting matches our own note. When Pelias and Keerin question Graced, he tells them the Lord said he would be visited, he who unmade him. He says the bodies are signs and portents of things to come and our misgivings will be our throne. He seemed jealous of the “lord’s” attention to us and twists wickedly and attacked them, revealing himself to be a turned ghast.

Ibor Thorn The young man is a worker in the mill and worked with the victim. His partner, Benny Harker, was having a fling with the owner’s daughter, Catherine and they often used those work evenings for their trysts. Ibor always gave them space. Ibor admits to me that Harker was doctoring the books for sometime, skimming from the mill. The Scarnetti family would not be above sending someone to send a message to Harker, but not murder him and certainly not Vinder’s daughter. He saw and heard nothing the night of the attack.

Ven Vinder Ven knew little. He knew Benny and his daughter were an item and sometimes met at the mill.

The Scene of the Crime We find muddy footprints from the pier to the mill (barefoot and humanoid). They climbed the side of the building and entered through a window. Inside, clearly a struggle occurred. It looks like Catherine used an axe against the attacker and remains smell of rot. A sihedron is etched into her body also and thrown into the saw. Harker was hung on hooks on the wall and a sihedron carved on him also. Ghast attack? The marsh bank reveals tracks on the side of the town, but not on the other side of the inlet.

Suspect Foxglove is the only substantial manor south of town, where the attacks seem to originate from. Inquiring about town, we find he was sick about a week ago and last mentioned staying in town while renovations were going on at his manor. He has not been seen in town for a week.

Thassalonian Specialist A scholar from Magnimar, Brodirt, provides some information on the Thassalonian Empire. Vast and old, likely 7-8,000 years long, and collapsed about 10,000 years ago. The “lighthouse” in Sandpoint displays the range of etchings in Thassalonian Runes. Sihedron symbolizes the seven virtues and sins, thus the mistake of the town thinking the landmarks referenced the virtue side. Murderer might be a scholar of Thassalonia.

While we are planning to leave town, a young girl comes running into town, frightened and singing a creepy rhyme about Scarecrows in a maze.

Givalin's Journal - Session 9

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