Givalin's Journal - Session 8 Part 2

22 Rova 4707


Meeting with Hemlock Hemlock arrives in town with some reinforcements from Magnimar. He praises us for our excellent work diverting the serious dangers that threatened the town. However, he also bears dire news. A murderer has struck in the city and they feel they have a serial killer in their midst, once again.

The murders resemble the more recent murders of the Chopper, Hemlock himself put an end to. He tells us that there were two murders found that morning at the saw mill. The murders are gruesome and he would like us to help him solve the murders. Aside from our obvious competence, it seems the murder knows us. A note was left with the last murders.

Murderer’s Note “I do as you command Master. Your Lordship”

Givalin's Journal - Session 8 Part 2

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