Givalin's Journal - Session 8

8 Rova 4707


We tap the knowledge of the twin researchers about the Thassalonian Runes we have found. There are three forms of runes and each type denotes its purpose. Curvy relates to more positive works. Spikey relates to negative and then a mixture of the two forms a more neutral sense.

Rusty Dragon Rando and Keerin meet a promising bard before we heard back out to the ruins, by the name of Pete. While a simple name, he seems a solid man, though he does not strike me as battle tested yet. He agrees to accompany us to Thistletop to finish our sweep.


Illusion Room Spikey Thassalonian Runes arround etchings of piles of gold coins. A pair of slots sit in the walls.

Crypt A series of stone sarcophagi ran the lengths of both walls with a statue of Runelord Karzug in the center. Shadows crept from the walls and set upon us. We made short work of banishing them and I left the room without further disturbing the crypt.

Submerged Room Carvings line the remaining walls of great treasures, mountains and spired hills. Much of the floor had fallen away into a watery pit, but in it’s depth, we could see a giant’s gold crown. When we went after it, we found it was home to a great crab. The crown proved much too large for us to consider moving ourselves.

Fire Pit Room 10’ deep and wide fire pits lined the walls in this room and candles that refused to melt were set about the perimeter. A strong aura of magic twisted with illusion and transmutation covered the room. Stepping forth from flames, a greater bhargast approached and attacked us. By all accounts and descriptions, we found Maltheshnacore at last. Employing our strongest arts, we were able to defeat the demon and cast him back from where he came.

Throne Room A throne set atop a dias was tied with an illusion of Runelord Karzug issuing a missive to his troops, many years ago denouncing the power of Runelord Aslastnist.


We return to town, relieved by the end of a serious challenge to our abilities and nerves. It will be nice to have a break while we await Hemlock’s return.

Givalin's Journal - Session 8

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