Givalin's Journal - Session 7

6 Rova 4707 (continued)


Barracks: Within the first couple rooms, we found the hobgoblin, Bruthasamus. He was a formidable foe. We left the goblin midwives and babes in these rooms. The main barracks revealed a heavily armored human with the looks of a merc on his way off of a contract. While he immediately faced us in combat, he had little chance to win. He would not be taken alive, however. The other rooms gave us a view of where Tsuito stayed when working here and Nulia also, though her place looked long unused. It looks more and more doubtful that she may still be here.

The Jail: Within a length of cells running one wall, we find many remains for persons taken from Sandpoint during the raid, but only one such individual who yet lives. A gnome man named Bruncklebrots, a merchant passing through the town when the raid hit. He is weak, so we leave him in his cell for safety, until we have secured the area. We do fetch the drow sorcerer and place her within one of the cells for safekeeping. When I shake the hand of the gnome, I catch a flash of imagery in my mind. Scenes of Nulia in these ruins and a sense that she still remains. Now, more eager for an end to this, we head further into the ruins, deeper into the lair.

A Short and Deadly Corridor: The stairs open on a large room with statues running both sides. The statues are of the same man, with a glaive in one hand and a book in the other. The Runelord Karzug. Within one broken statue, we find a marble amulet in the shape of the seven pointed star. Just past this room is a short hallway. At the end, we can see two doors with runic writing scrawled upon them. Between us and the doors are two statues, warriors with glaives, but different than the ones in the larger room. Progressing down, we just avoid a vicious trap laid between the statues. Rando disables the trap, proving more useful by the life saving. Seems two gates would crash down and the statues pivot and attack, then drop the poor victim down a pit. From the looks of remains below when triggered, it seemed an effective trap in the past.

Nulia’s Worship: We step into one of the runed doors and find we have found Nulia at last. Red skills light the circular room, clearly decorated to worship Lamashtu. A yeth hound nearby wheels to join her in attack, though she says we are already too late. Nulia proves a wicked adversary, and the suspected transformations she undertook are proved, with hideous warpings of her body. When brought low, we incapacitate her and decide, all weakened from near constant travel and battle, that the need to return to Sandpoint was now paramount.


The Return: With Brucklebrots, Nulia and the sorceress in tow, we make quick our return to town. We send word to Mayor Deverin and bring our party to be processed. Bruncklebrots is freed and we pass along our descriptions of the remaining bodies in Thistletop to be identified to missing persons from the rain.

The Sorceress: The drow reveals her name is Leery and admits to working for Nulia. She was sought for her ability to read Thassalonian, the majority of writings in the ruins. Nulia was working to summon a demon – Motheshnacor (perhaps the “Whispering Beast” and the gob-snake drawing). The attack was scheduled to take place in weeks, though now it is delayed. When we reveal the Quasit is out of the picture and the well emptied, Leery says we have effectively ended the threat. Music to my ears.

Nulia’s Notes: We pour of Nulia’s notes for the remainder of the day. The holes in the story now becoming filled in. After the burning of the old cathedral, Nulia went to Magnimar. She joined a group called the Skin-saw men. She found the father of her child and killed him. The leader of the Skin-saw men gave her a Sihedron (the seven pointed star amulet). She returned to Sandpoint then to exact her revenge. She discovered Eralim, the Quasit, and studied with him. She learned of a trapped Bhargast named Motheshnacor and if freed, he agreed to help her exact her revenge. We still do not know if this freeing occurred before she was captured. Hemlock returns in a couple weeks. Perhaps he will have a course of action we can take.

Givalin's Journal - Session 7

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