Givalin's Journal - Session 6

6 Rova 4707


Throne Room: Thistletop goblin hero/leader Ripnugget engaged us in battle inside his crude throne room. He rode a huge lizard creature and after making short work of his goblin guards, brought him and his steed down. I wonder if we will have to put an end to all of these goblin heroes before this threat is eliminated. We sweep through the remaining rooms and clear the odd goblin stragglers before descending into the head of this isle.

War Room: While empty of near enemies, the room was clearly the planning place of the attacks on Sandpoint. A map of the town is etched into the wall. Looking through the documents and notes scrawled on the walls, we determine that the next attack would have utilized the sin spawn from the Quasit’s well and was set for a couple months away. There is also mention of the “Whispering Beast” being tamed.

Archeologist: We overheard whispering/chanting coming from this side room and when we burst in, prepared to face Nulia at last, found ourselves instead facing a relatively young dark elf woman, surrounded by small artifacts like pottery and plates from long ago. She put up a quick fight in response to our intrusion, throwing magic at us and duplicating her image to confuse us, but all only shortly durable against our capabilities. We render her unconscious when she surrenders and offers us a bribe to free her. We’ll bring her with us back to Sandpoint with anyone else we find here, to answer for their crimes.

Art Room: A small and filthy room turns out to actually be some sort of hall of decoration for the crude creatures. The one depiction that is striking throughout is one of what appears to be a goblin-like monster proportionally about 30’ tall with snake-ish and goblin features mixed into its being and wielding two dog-slicers. I wonder if this is their “Whispering Beast”.

The Burnt Altar: Before we even entered this room, we could hear strange voices speaking in abyssal. I work some simple magic to allow me to understand their language and it reveals they are simply discussing their boredom over a lack of suitable prey to pursue. We burst into the room and find the source of the voices to be two yeth hounds. After dispatching the creatures, the alter reveals that this is where Nulia burned the body of her foster father. The twisted remains of his holy symbol (Desna) amidst the ashes. A statue of Lamashtu sits behind the altar.

The “Ear”: A natural set of small caves connects to these other well formed halls. In one, a pile of goblin and animal remains rests in the center. A cloak like creature used the place as it’s lair. Keeran was able to take the beast down when it attempted to flee from our superior numbers. The other caves offered a side exit/entrance to the area, provided we were interested in a serious swim, and the other a heap of junk the goblins had raided from the town.

Givalin's Journal - Session 6

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