Givalin's Journal - Session 5

6 Rova 4707

Father Zantus and the researchers


* Over a millennium past, Sandpoint and the Lost Coast were once the boundary between two great nations: Shalast and Bacracken.

* Shalast and Bacracken both erected monuments to monitor and protect their nations from the other. Shalast’s leader, Karzug, created statues of enormous size to survey the lands while Bacracken’s leader, Aslastnist, crafted great towers that fumed and burned those near.

* Bacracken fell and crumbled into the sea, creating a new cliff face. The “lighthouse” of Sandpoint is in fact the bare remains of one of the nation’s great statues.

* Aslastnist is thought to have been one of seven Rune Lords, individuals epitomizing one of the seven sins. Hers was wrath. The statue found in the complex below the town is of her.

History of Sandpoint

* Four families sought to create Sandpoint: Valdemar, Scarnetti, Kaijitsu, and Deverin. However, the native Varisians refused to be moved. Scarnetti, in a drunken fit, attacked the Varish and all four families were forced to return to Magnimar to account for the affront. One up and coming of the families was able to work out an agreement between the families and the natives for the families to pay the natives a percentage of their profit for 40 years. The agreement was later extended for another 20. Now, however, there still remains a tension of discrimination among some of the townspeople, families and the native Varish.

The Late Unpleasantness

* The Chopper – a local artist, Jarvis Stoot, was an accepted eccentric who carved birds around town on buildings and crafted great works of art in a like theme. He moved to the small island near the old lighthouse in town and his presence was more and more rare in town. A series of gruesome murders plagued the town and led back to Jarvis. He murdered at least 25 individuals. Upon discovery, he sacrificed himself to a bird-like demon he was worshiping. his home and remains were burned and blessed and tossed into the sea.

* The burning of the cathedral was about a month after that and served to rock the town almost worse than the murders.

Shelelou Summons

A message from Shelelou is waiting for me at the White Deer. She requests we meet her near Thistletop and help her raid the encampment of goblins in an attempt to weaken their numbers. Apparently, Bruthasamus has joined forces with the Thistletop goblins and some of the mercs.


Thistletop is actually a group of buildings shabbily crafted upon the crown of the remains of the head of one of the great statues of Bacracken. A rope bridge attaches it to the mainland. Making careful our way through the thorns, the bridge proves sturdy enough for a couple of us at a time but more could prove too much for it. Good to know if we have to fight our way out. We encounter a couple groups of goblins in the first few rooms and are able to pass by a room which sounds like a kennel for their damn dogs.

Givalin's Journal - Session 5

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