Givalin's Journal - Session 4

4 Rova 4707 (continued)

The Glassworks

Ameiko tells us “Sometimes, things don’t die.” Upon her recovery, she tells us Tsuito admitted working with Nulia and mercs to use nearby goblin tribes.

The White Deer

Tsuito’s Journal

Includes maps of Sandpoint and erotic drawings of Nulia. Details attack plans on the town in two waves: (1) ~30 gobs initial assault; (2) ~200 gobs major assault. One picture shows Nulia with demonic traits. Ripnug and Tsuito push for a land attack using a local Quasit’s aid and using the smuggling tunnels in the Glassworks to move around. All but Bruthasamus agree on the plan. Nulia is more concerned with releasing Malthasnacore and controlling it and bent on removing her celestial traits and taking on Lamashtu’s visage.

A half-elf named Keerin approaches us as we are discussing matters and offers to help in our efforts. He calls himself a hunter and tradesman of sorts. I plan to keep an eye on him, but he seems trustworthy enough and capable.

Following the Tunnels

We follow the smuggling tunnels beneath the Glassworks and they lead to an old complex. Strange, tainted creatures roam the caves and were vicious in their assault when we passed close by. In one of the well carved rooms in the complex, we find a statue of a woman holding a ranseur of ivory and steel and a book with a seven pointed star upon it. Throughout, we find more of the same fiendish creatures and more disturbing features in the dungeon. Torture rooms, pits holding the undead, old cells with the remains of humanoids. Judging by the description Shelelou provided us, I am certain we met blade with Corevus, the goblin leader of the Seven Teeth. In a large chamber, we find an altar of ancient evil manipulated by the Quasit Tsuito mentioned in his journal. The Quasit used the altar to summon more of the twisted fiends we encountered earlier. After a desperate and close battle, we emerged victorious.

Weary and at a loss for a solution, we return to Sandpoint and enlist Father Zantus’ aid in understanding and removing power from the altar. He includes some religious researchers in the effort and only through summoning all of the fiends the altar held power for and defeating them, were we able to drain the altar of its influence. The researchers note that the symbols throughout the complex refer to a time of myth, a time of the Rune Lords.

Givalin's Journal - Session 4

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