Givalin's Journal - Session 3

3 Rova 4707 (continued)

Meeting w/ Shelelou

Goblin Heroes (5 current)

  • Big Gugmut – tall and muscled – resides in Mosswood. Rumored to have had a hobgoblin mother and a boar for a father.
  • Corevus – short tempered – resides with the Seven Tooth tribe and is rumored to have a magical longsword, oversized for a small goblin, as his prized possession.
  • Vorka – a cannibal living in the Brinestump Marsh. Viewed as a hero by all tribes except the Licktoad, who live in the Brinestump.
  • Ripnugget – of the Thistletop tribe and its leader.
  • Brut Hasmus – a bugbear ranger who trades with all tribes. Resides mainly in the northern Nettlewood. Hates elves and Shelelou has a person hatred of him in return.

Criteria of the organizing party

  • Able to organize all goblin tribes to cooperate
  • Powerful enough to garner that following
  • Knowledge of Sandpoint
Meeting w/ Hemlock before he leaves

Father Zantus reported to him that a grave was dug up during the goblin attack a couple days ago. A set of humanoid prints along with goblin were found about the area. Seemed to specifically go for the grave of Father Ezakian Tobin, the religious leader before Zantus.

Father Tobin ran the old cathedral five years ago. He adopted an asimir orphan named Nulia. Because of her unnatural perfection, she was shunned by the town. Tobin kept her under tight control. In her early adult years, a human named Delik Viscanta wooed Nulia and they kept their romance secret until Nulia got pregnant. Delik flees the responsibility and Sandpoint. Father Tobin discovers the romance and cuts Nulia off from the world even more and shames her for her actions. Nulia miscarries the child after seven months and there are rumors the child was deformed. Nulia goes into a coma for weeks and the night of the day of her awakening, the cathedral goes up in flames, Tobin within. Official word puts Nulia in the high tower, and perished as well, though no remains were found.

We volley a few questions to Hemlock about possible leads. He says that there was no connection to Father Tobin and local goblins during that time. Within the last decade, there has been an increase in overtly violent acts in the town, including the murdering spree of the “Chopper”, who Hemlock pursued and killed. Nulia was only assumed in the cathedral as well during the fire because no one saw or heard from her after the fire. Hemlock was unable to pry out clear information on the miscarried child when he investigated.

Meeting w/ Father Zantus

Zantus met with us after his sermon in his quarters so we could talk privately. He tells us much of the story of Nulia and Father Tobin that we have uncovered to this point, though his knowledge is all second hand, since he started in his role her a couple months after the cathedral fire. In regards to his discovery of the empty grave for Tobin, he says he caught sight of a cloaked man making his way calmly around the side of the cathedral as the goblin attack began.

Meeting w/ Hannah Valerin

Healer and midwife to much of the town, I heard about her around town. She lives right behind the local brothel. At first she seems put off by our intrusion into her work, but after we detail the type of information we are after, that quickly changes to guarded evasion of answers. Pelias speaks to her and assures her we are trying to prevent more deaths and any information she has could help us do just that. Pelias and I give our words to keep the information she gives silent unless it is absolutely necessary to divulge it.

Hannah saw Nulia many times during her courtship with Delik (though Hannah does not mention who her partner was, if she knew) and procured from her preventative medicines for pregnancy. Over time, Nulia came less and less. Hannah believes she was purposely trying to get pregnant out of spite. Accompanying a hefty bribe, Hannah hands over a sheaf of papers on the miscarriage of Nulia’s child. We retire to our rooms at the White Deer to discuss the report.

The report confirms many of the rumors we’ve heard, though to a much deeper degree. The child was miscarried and was deformed. However, the deformation was magical in nature and seemed to pull/feed off the emotions of the mother. Given Nulia’s state at the time and her building hatred for Tobian, it is no wonder the child was twisted. The remains were burned. We dispose of the report and head to the Rusty Dragon for any information on Delik Viscanta.

The Rusty Dragon

I work around the room trying to find someone who knows anything about Delik while being as discreet and vague as possible. One man, drunk and avoiding his wife, lets drop that he knew of Delik. He did not know where he was from or where he went, but apparently, Delik was no good. He lived cheaply and his relationship with Nulia was a scar on his already tainted image. However, he did know that Delik stayed at the Rusty Dragon when he was in Sandpoint

Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon and daughter to the Glassworks owner, Lonjiku, was able to give very little information on Delik. She confirmed he was cheap. He tried to pursue several women in town and after failing that, went after Nulia. No information as to where he was from or where he went. Dead end. Damn.

4 Rova 4707

The Rusty Dragon

Pelias and I grab breakfast at the Dragon, while waiting for Breenan to wake. He comes down just as Bethana Corwin (halfling woman and maid to the Dragon), approaches us, worried. She tells us Ameiko never returned last night. Bethana went in her room to confirm she was not there and found her bed still made and a note sitting on her nightstand. Bethana reads the note to us.

Tsuito, Ameiko’s half-brother, asks her to meet him at their father’s Glassworks at midnight last night (though she would have been quite late, as we met with her around 2am). He has information he believes links their father to the goblin raid.

Bethana tells us that Tsuito is half-elf, which clearly speaks of a lover besides Lonjiku, as they are both elven. Tsuito was raised in the Turndurok Academy. Ameiko kept in contact with him and about five years ago, previous to the fire in the cathedral, he struck Ameiko and she left for a year, pursuing adventurous ends. She returned for their mother’s funeral and Tsuito caused a scandal by accusing Lonjiku of murdering her. Tsuito has not been around since.

The Glassworks

We head over to the Glassworks and Breenan’s eidelon scales the building to see if we can get a vantage point inside. All of the windows about the place are blocked by drawn shades and the doors are locked. The eidelon spies goblins disposing of humanoid remains in the furnaces. We coordinate our approach from two sides and from above. During our skirmish with the goblins, Tsuito advances into the fray against us from another doorway. We make quick work of the goblins and then incapacitate Tsuito. Finding a set of keys on his person, we descend into the basement of the Glassworks.

Near the stairwell, a recently demolished wall reveals a hallway and an office/living space, which clearly shows Tsuito’s residence for at least a few days. The storage rooms have been ransacked by the goblins and show recent habitation also. we find Ameiko in a holding cell, bound and semi-conscious. We free her and she tells us there is a far greater trouble rising.

Givalin's Journal - Session 3

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