Givalin's Journal - Session 2

1 Rova 4707 (continued)

Goblin Attack

Following the sudden cries of panic, the crowd reacts to something across the square and there suddenly becomes an immense press of people trying to flee from that side. Almost drowning in the sudden din of a panicked crowd, the sound of a small explosion rips through the sound like a lightning bolt. I immediately climb atop the nearest table and try to get my bearings. Across the square, near the origin of the fleeing crowd, I catch sight of a goblin hiding by the wheel of a cart. Its ear is missing and bleeding profusely. Good to see someone is on guard enough to react quickly. The crowd overturns my table and I go down among the chairs.

I recover quickly and bless the area immediately around me to help calm those nearest. I catch sight of countless goblins running along rooftops, through alleys, everywhere. Approaching from a nearby alley, a group of the dirty creatures strike at anyone within reach. I immediately lay into them with a battery of acidic darts, garnered from thin air. A human on a horse rides into the fray and a couple more times, I hear the crack of thunder. Finally, I catch a glimpse of an oddly dressed human across the square wielding a musket. I’d seen a couple before, but never functioning!

The crowd thins in the square and I meet yet another human in the center, this one with a strange, beastial companion, a summoner of sorts, perhaps. We quickly asses the situation and as we are about to move to help elsewhere, another group of goblins appears from an alley, attempting to light some of the buildings on fire. We wade into the bit larger group of goblins and make short work of them. The musket wielder and mounted man join as well.

We hear a louder confrontation occurring at the nearby White Deer Inn and when we arrive, a goblin commander, riding a dog and several other goblins are waylaying a noble, protected only by his hound. Myself and the gunman separate and dispatch the commander as the other two take care of the pack of goblins near at hand.

The noble approaches after the goblins have perished and introduces himself as Alden Foxglove. I quickly trade introductions with the summoner, Breenan Shirath, and the gunman, Vasya. The noble departs for safety and the mounted man introduces himself as Pelias a knight of some sort. He tells us Foxglove would like to meet us later at the Rusty Dragon to thank us for our help.

I take a few moments before continuing on to inspect the goblins we encountered. They seem to vary greatly in their decoration and dress, suggesting this was an attack by several different groups, unusual in and of itself.

Meeting with Foxglove

We break into smaller groups and help the town guard push the last of the goblins north and out of town. Myself and Brennan make our way about town, helping where we can and arrive at the Rusty Dragon. Brennan and Pelias depart the inn before our meeting with Foxglove and I use the time to get to know Vasya a bit more and to hear about his weapon. An odd gentleman indeed. Speaks with a very distinct accent. He hails from the northern mountains from a secluded village.

Foxglove arrives soon after the return of Pelias and Brennan. He gives us all a pouch of gold in thanks and offers to take us on a boar hunt with him in a couple days. We accept. I have not seen much of the surrounding area past Sandpoint since I have been here and the ruins rumored to be scattered in these parts cannot be denied.

Sheriff Hemlock makes an appearance, seeming to have sought us out. He thanks us for our help and quick response to the attack. He inquires where we might be found if he needs to call on us again soon.

2 Rova 4707

The following day, I show Brennan about town and introduce him to a few people I have come to know. Many individuals recognize us as we walk about and even go so far as to thank us for our help the day previous and bestow on us gifts of food. We end up back at the new cathedral as Father Zantus is beginning the dedication ceremony interrupted yesterday. He only briefly mentions the fire that took the previous cathedral and seems superstitious toward its mention. Afterwards, Savah offers us a discount on our next purchases at her Armory. Drokkus even offers us the opportunity to take part in his new play, ’Harpy’s Curse’. I accept gladly for the show tonight.

When practicing for the evening’s performance, I get pretty nervous and make a bit of a fool of myself in front of the rest of the crew. But, I resolve to finish what I started. During the actual performance, I just seem to hit a flow in the action and before I know it, I’ve finished and the crowd is applauding. Very exciting. Well, until Vasya shoots his gun and clears much of the theater. I guess that is acceptable where he comes from. Such an odd man.

3 Rova 4707

The Boar Hunt

Brennan, Pelias, Vasya, and I join Foxglove on his boar hunt. We travel east toward the Tickwoods, rumored to be a great hunting wood. Foxglove spends a lot of time asking questions about who we are and where we came from, fine for idle chatter, but I wonder if that is his sole interest. We spend most of the morning and afternoon hunting and return rather successful. We feast on boar for dinner and donate the remainder of our hunt to the Rusty Dragon Inn patrons. Foxglove retires for the evening.

The Goblin Scout

We are discussing where our paths diverge from here and suddenly, we are interrupted by the sight of a near hysterical woman and her children. We bring her inside and she tells us Sheriff Hemlock sent her to us. She relates a story about how her son kept telling her and her husband that a goblin was in his closet, but upon investigation, no such thing was found. This went on since the attack. Just a few moments ago, her son came to them with a serious bite mark on his arm. Her husband and their dog was at the house. She fled with the children to get help. I send her to the White Deer to rest and then we go investigate.

The house is quiet. When we reach the boy’s room, the father is lying on the floor, half of him bent forward in a hole in the floor before him. He does not move at our urging and when Brennan’s eidelon and Pelias turn the man over, we discover he has been gnawed upon. A moment later, a small goblin leaps from the hole and strikes at us. Shortly after we dispatch the creature, we find it had burrowed a small hiding hole beneath the floor.

Sheriff Hemlock arrives and tells us he would like to see us later at the town hall. There is more to the story than he can divulge there. I return to the White Deer and break the news to the woman about her husband. She is a mess and the town guard takes her somewhere else, hopefully to family.

Meeting at the Town Hall

Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin and another woman, elven, meet us. Deverin thanks us for our aid so far and then introduces the other woman present as Shelelou Anlesana, a bounty hunter of sorts who keeps the local goblin tribes in check, without their knowledge. She tells us a great deal about their local activity. All five of the local goblin tribes came together for the recent attack, as I suspected. And she tells us this hints as something great organizing the tribes to work in tandem. Activity from the tribes has increased lately along the Lost Coast Road between Mosswood and Tickwood.

The five tribes:

  • Birdcruncher: live in caves along Devil’s Platter and are the least aggressive.
  • Licktoad: live in Brinestump Marsh and are good swimmers.
  • Seven Tooth: live in Shankswood and are the best foragers.
  • Mosswood: live in Mosswood Forest and are the largest group.
  • Thistletop: live along Nettlewood Coast.

Shelelou invites us to dine with her where she can give us more information about the local tribes and the creatures themselves.

  • Goblins hate horses and dogs. They like to raid junkyards. Affinity for strange songs. They eat a lot of food and is one of the reasons they raid so frequently. They love fire and burning things.

Givalin's Journal - Session 2

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