Givalin's Journal - Session 10

23 Rova 4707


A man approaches the child singing about scarecrows. He seems to be her father, but we find he is from a nearby farm, and has been chasing her. He is a little drunk and armed. He informs us of a series of attacks on the southern farms. The song the child is singing is a nursery rhyme about a scarecrow named, Mumble, that terrorizes bad children.

Southern Farms

The first couple farms we come to are abandoned and the crops looked well traveled through. At the second farm we find a note reiterating what Graced told Pelias and Keerin. “The bodies are signs and portents of things to come.” Same handwriting as the others.

The last farm, and the one owned by the child from town. Fresh tracks are set about the road to the farm. Along one intersection, we find a scarecrow staked. At the next, we find two more, though these jump down and attack us, ghasts disguised. We pass more normal scarecrows on the way to the house. The farmstead has a stone statue of a warrior head incorporated into their building ( Thassalonian). Another note on the door: “You and you alone have brought this fearful harvest. More will follow.” Same signature. Inside the home we find a ghast of the caretaker, Ragors Crazeby. Once put down, we find he also had a note: “You let them all die. You let my dog die on a goblin blade.” Now clearly is Foxglove. Bodies litter the rooms and we find a coffer beneath the floor, the family savings. I take it and store it to return for the child’s future. The rest of the party yells warnings of help from the barn and the guards accompanying me and I run to their aid, ghasts filled the area.

Foxglove Manor

The manor is overgrown with brush and resides on the edge of the cliff face. Clearly, he had been lying about any renovations being done to this place in perhaps his lifetime. According to family history, Pete relates, the Foxglove estate is one of unfortunate events. Alden’s father killed his mother and committed suicide. His great grandfather built the place. His grandmother was dashed upon the rocks from one window while on fire.

The Attic Pete and Rando climb the sides of the house and look about the windows for an idea of what we face within. the attic holds a mirror and when Rando enters, find it houses a specter of Iesha Foxglove (wife of Alden) looking for her murderer and bound to the house.

First and Second Floors Throughout these floors, we encounter visions and apparitions of the past that hint into the terrible history that has plagued this house. Visions imparted when items are touched.

Caverns Descending an old stair into the rock below the manor, we find a series of caverns linked to the house. Bodies are strewn about one cavern and we fend off a giant bat that has made the area home. Amidst the bodies, we find the remains of a reknown bandit, Shaz Redshiv Bilger, a fact he is dead would be a boon to some authorities in Magnimar.

Foxglove Found Inside a crypt room, we find Foxglove, flanked by several of his lower ghast creations. Alden himself seems to have become a dread ghast, a powerful and more deadly undead fiend. After a desperate and deadly battle with the insane and evil creature, we find several items of interest amidst the room. Alden had a bloody locket with a likeness of me within.

When all is said and done, it seems Torag was guiding my instincts about Alden when we first met. I will take more care to heed such warnings in the future. Now, it is time we take our leave of this tormented place.

Givalin's Journal - Session 10

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