Givalin's Journal - Session 1

1 Rova 4707

I’ve been in Sandpoint for several days, almost a full week. Not a lot going on here, but I have been able to lend a hand to various people here and there on more mundane tasks. It is becoming apparent that this cannot be the destination Torag has in store for me. But, I do hear word of a dedication ceremony that will coincide with the Swallowtail Festival, marking the 1st day of autumn, so I’ve decided to wait and take in the celebration before moving further north.

Swallowtail Festival

The Swallowtail Festival started out well enough, Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock and Cyrdak, the actor, all gave speeches in honor of the dedication. Father Zantus wraps up with a release of butterflies to Desna and as he is concluding his speech, a sudden series of shrieks goes up along one side of the crowd. Beneath one of the tables, a dog has been killed, cut from ear to ear. Perhaps I was wrong about not having reached my destination.

Givalin's Journal - Session 1

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