Goblin Chopper

Junk Metal Blade

weapon (melee)

The goblins of Sandpoint hinterland wield distinctive weapons called dogslicers and horsechoppers, after their preferred uses. A dogslicer is a length of junk metal tied to a handle with holes punched in the blades to lighten it and prevent tired goblin arms. A dogslicer is a light martial weapon that’s similar to a short sword in most ways, save that id deals slashing damage rather than piercing damage. Goblin commandos are instead armed with halberds- called “horsechoppers” by them, but otherwise identical to small halberds. Goblin weapons that aren’t magic or masterwork are poorly made- on a natural 1, they break. Goblins should really carry spare dogslicers, but they don’t think that far ahead, and occasionally end up standing in front of a hero without a weapon. Stupid little freaks.


Goblin Chopper

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