Rise Of The Rune Lords

Chapter 2 The Skinsaw Murders

Adventure Overview

Hemlock returns to Sandpoint with reinforcements and dire news of murders committed near and within town. The killer sent the us a message with Givalin’s name specifically mentioned. Upon investigation into the recent killings, we come to the conclusion that Foxglove is our likely suspect. As we investigate the attacks of the southern farms, this is confirmed. Upon reaching the overgrown manor Foxglove called home, we are bombarded by visions and specters of the past tormented inhabitants of the structure, Foxglove’s family. In the house, we find a series of caverns riddling the rock beneath. Deep within, Alden awaited us and laid claim to some series of injustices his addled and tortured mind created that fed his twisted nature as a ghast. It was a blessing to be able to put an end to a line as destructive and haunted as Foxglove’s.

Character Notes



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